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eviction service south philly

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We do the dirty work that is necessary in property management. Regardless of who placed the tenant in the property, we can help. Lots of Philadelphia property owners call us when they find themselves in trouble. It’s a fact! Occasionally, from time to time, your tenant will experience an issue with making time payments. Loss of employment, loss of a family member, or medical emergency, are unfortunate facts of life. Obviously, this is a top concern for you and your management team. KNOW THIS: You should not panic, and we never do! We plan for eviction prevention, and we are ready to negotiate an agreement with your tenant, attempt to find common ground, and save the tenancy. We know, very well, the risks that landlords face when rent payments are missed. We are critically aware the cost of vacancy, and fees paid, can wipe out the profitability for the entire year! Let’s be clear, too tough an approach may serve us more than you! Paying fee to us to replace your tenant is easy. At DJCRE, we NEVER abuse your trust. We make sincere effort to find a viable scenario where your tenant can stay in place. This is not “just compassionate” its smart business.

That said, as hard as we may try, the reality is, we cannot save every one, and every tenancy. We must use our eviction service to take back possession of your property. When we cannot find a way to save the tenancy (nobody can), we know what it takes to end the tenancy quickly, and with a little cost as possible. We know the Philadelphia legal environment. Our eviction service, which includes a valuable membership to HAPCO, local Homeowners association, and offers you a wonderful newsletter that helps you better understand the other services and legal challenges that are there in the Philadelphia market. We attempt to educate, as well show our effectiveness in resolving the problem. From our South Philadelphia Headquarters, we will manage both your property needs AND your expectation.

Two very important points that we would like you to know. ONE, we monitor delinquency weekly, we take necessary actions, without any instruction from you, to get your rental payment collected. Furthermore, we always uphold a high professional standard while conducting our mutual interests. We take the necessary steps to gain possession of your home, up to and including the final lock out, and post eviction collection of personal belongings, and YOU will not be involved in ANY of the uncomfortable and time consuming process.

TWO, we can help you pick up the pieces of a failed tenancy. We will access your post eviction property, determine the repair needs, gain the competitive estimates to complete the work, and get you BACK on the market FAST! Maybe you already have a trusted contractor, that you love using. We will always engage your contractor, and work with him or her, and together, get the work done that your Philadelphia area property needs. The only way to truly fix a bad tenancy, is to find another one that will love your property, and PAY!