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10 Best Philadelphia Neighborhoods

There are a small handful of cities that everyone from around the world knows. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, London and Sydney. Although it may surprise you, Philadelphia is definitely on that list. The city of brotherly love is soaked in history and culture. There’s no doubt you’re going to find a place to settle down somewhere in Philadelphia.

If you’re planning to move to Philadelphia, the best way to do it is with the help of DJCRE. One of the best condo property management companies in the old city area, DJCRE is excited to help you find a place to call home.

Whether you already live here or are on your way, you’re going to want to browse homes to rent or buy in these top ten neighborhoods of Philadelphia:


  1. Torresdale

Philadelphia, in general, is rich in history, but Torresdale, in particular, is an extremely historic neighborhood. Home of the beautiful All Saints’ Episcopal Church built in 1772 (no that wasn’t a typo, the church is older than the country itself) and the Glen Foerd estate on the Delaware River. Its diners, markets and pubs help make up the reason that Torresdale has one of the best qualities of life on this list.


  1. Mount Airy

This little town has an entirely different atmosphere than downtown Philadelphia, in a very good way. Littered with trails for running or biking and just a quick commute to and from Center City. Mount Airy’s great schools make it a perfect place to raise a family.


  1. Somerton

Located right around the corner from Torresdale in the greater northeast. The great high school graduation rate, diversity, low cost of living and lower than average crime rate make Somerton a great target area to call home.


  1. East Falls

 There’s not a whole lot to say about East Falls; the place can sell itself. Safe, great schools, 90% graduation rate, two parks and even a community theater. East Falls is perfect families and a quiet neck of the woods to settle down and relax.


  1. Manayunk

 The total opposite (not in a bad way) of East Falls, Manayunk is still a great place for families, but its jumping bar scene draws in young kids moving out and looking for their first home. The first brewhouse was established in 1685! Manayunk is also one of Philadelphia’s safest areas, so the only real danger is getting busted by the fun police on a Friday night out with the homies.


Stay tuned for next month when we reveal numbers five through one.

Now that you’re eager for the big move to Philadelphia, then look no further than DJCRE. DJCRE is the best place to go for property sales in South Philly. With over 40 years of experience, DJCRE can help find you a great property to rent or buy. Give us a call today by dialing (215) 720-1097, or visit us at /.

10 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Rent a Home Instead of Buy a Home


If you are looking for a property to rent in the Philadelphia area, DJCRE is the place to go. DJCRE is one of the best rental property management companies in the Philadelphia area. We are excited to help you find your new home today!

Rent hikes, strict pet policies, and limited control over fixtures are just a handful of problems you may encounter when renting. But despite negatives, there is a silver lining regarding renting. Here are 10 reasons why you’ll benefit from renting a property instead of being a homeowner:

  1. Property Tax – No different than your yearly income tax, homeowners are responsible for paying an annual property tax on their home. Property tax varies in cost from city to city. 
  2. Selling a home – Just because you’ve heard one or two stories about how easy it was to sell a home doesn’t quite mean that’s true. In a down market, selling your home may be near impossible. If you rent, however, simply walk away once your lease is up. Avoid the hassle of having to find a buyer to replace you.
  3. Amenities – Some apartment complexes will come with access to a pool, gym, or community center of some sort. These perks can really add up to real savings for you each year.
  4. Flexibility – Maybe you have a job that forces you to travel frequently for short periods of time. Renting gives you the freedom to find someone to sublease your rental if you plan to be away from home for a period of time. Renting is also the preferred choice for the adventurous person who may want to move from city to city. 
  5. Maintenance – A washing machine that breaks down or has problems can cause costly repairs for homeowners. But for renters, whenever you have a problem with an appliance, a simple call to your landlord or property manager will help.
  6.  Big-City Living – In the major cities like New York City and San Francisco, where the real estate value is the highest in the country, owning a home is a luxury. Renting, however, makes the dream of living there more attainable.
  7.  Security – Buying a security system to protect your house isn’t cheap. Look for an apartment complex that is gated or has 24-hour security.
  8.  Social Scene – Moving to a new city and renting is a great way to meet new people. Apartment complexes are areas of social congregation due to how many people you are surrounded by that you’ll see on a daily basis.
  9. Upsize Easily – Finding a nice home to move into is a smart move once you have children, but your family could increase without proper planning. You can quickly outgrow that two-bedroom home that was perfect for you just a few years ago. Renting even after you have kids is still a viable option. If your family were to grow, (hopefully planned), it is easy to find a new bigger apartment to rent that will best serve your families needs.
  10.  Less Debt – We aren’t saying that it’s never a good idea to purchase a home. Buying a home is a very sound investment. However, purchasing a home can immediately put you into debt, a debt that can quickly reach well over a couple hundred thousand dollars. Renting allows you the freedom to maybe open your own business or help invest more in your retirement account than you would if you were to purchase a home.

Now that you’re eager to look into renting a property, then look no further than DJCRE. DJCRE is the top property management company in Philadelphia. With over 40 years of experience, DJCRE can help find you a great property to rent or buy. Give us a call today by dialing (215) 720-1097, or visit us at /.

5 South Philly Eateries That You Should Try

Since you already know about our property rentals and sales around South Philly, we thought it’d be nice to fill you in on some of the eateries that make South Philadelphia what it is. Here is a list of five (or six) spots that you have to check out while in town:


  • Chickie’s & Pete’s – If you are from the Philadelphia area, you already know about this sweet sports bar. They have many locations including Citizen’s Bank Park, The Philadelphia Airport, and of course, 1526 Packer Avenue in South Philly.

    Our tip – Obviously, you have to get their world-famous crab fries with melted American cheese. Additionally, their mussels and King Crab legs are equally as delicious.
  • Scannicchio’sThis spot is one of the best BYOB restaurants in the entire city.  Located at 2500 S. Broad & Porter, this Philly staple is known for their pasta, fish, and veal dishes. Scannicchio’s has a family feel, and is ideal for people who love good old fashioned Italian home cooking.
  • The Industry This bar is perfect for dates and group get togethers. Their brunch and dinner menus are filled with items that appeal to the masses. Address: 1401 E Moyamensing Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147.

    Our recommendations – For brunch, try the shrimp & grits or their “Hillybilly Philly” fried chicken dish. For dinner, grab an Industry Burger of steak frites.

    Image Sourced from Google / Andrew Grande
  • Uncle Oogie’sAlthough their name does not make you think about fine dining, but that’s not their angle anyway. Uncle Oogie’s has two South Philly locations (one on Oregon Ave and one on Snyder Ave) that are perfect for ordering delivery during Eagles and Flyers games. If you order from the Unc, be sure to get a pizza and some buffalo wings. Their menu is enormous – click here if you don’t believe us. 
  • Nick’s Roast BeefThe Original Nick’s Roast Beef has been serving top-notch roast beef sandwiches for over 75 years! You can find them on the corner of Jackson St. and South 20th St.



BONUS – HIDDEN GEM ALERT: Fountain Porter – 1601 South 10th St, Philadelphia, PA 19148 – Fountain has some of the best burgers in the entire city, and they are only $5 each!


We hope you enjoyed this article. Feel free to call 215-720-1097 to share your experiences and let us know what you think of this list. Also, if you need assistance managing your home, we will be more than happy to lend a hand!

4 Ways to Smarten Up Your Home

*Knock Knock*

You: “Who’s there?”

The future: “I am.”


We live in an incredible time. People can rent their homes out, pay their bills and even get help buying houses right from a computer (all features that apply to DJCRE Property Management) offers.) That’s just the tip of the iceberg – Home automation is here, and for many, it is well worth the investment. Embrace the future today by installing these four smart features inside your home:


  • Security System – Did you know that if you are a homeowner, a security system can help reduce homeowners insurance? That’s because a security system is a great way to protect your family, your home and everything that you own. Modern systems allow remote access and control from across the world.

    Have you ever wondered if you remembered to set the alarm or lock the door after leaving your house or apartment? Today’s security systems allow you to arm and disarm your system from work, appointments, or wherever you go. Plus, you can even set up cameras if you want to stream live video to make sure the babysitter or dog walker shows up on time!

    If you are a property manager in Philadelphia and want to present value to your clients, it could be a good idea to discuss installing security measures with them. Current security systems are not hardwired, and they do not cause irreparable damages — like the systems from a decade ago did.
  • Lighting – For many senior citizens or people with physical limitations, downloading an app to go along with your new lighting system can save the day. Imagine if you could adjust your house’s lights by simply opening a program on a phone, tablet, or computer. These allow you to turn on/off lights, dim/brighten lights and even change their color to match whatever festive party you are throwing.
  • Temperature – With apps like “Nest,” you can set up separate zones in your home and control the temperature of each separately. For example, you can save money by turning down the heat in the winter downstairs in the middle of the night while keeping your second-floor bedrooms set at something cozier. This can all be controlled from your phone, which is ideal if you want to turn the heat off during the day and then heat the home out during your commute back home after work.
  • EntertainmentMore and more TVs are “smartening up” by coming with internet connectivity. Even if you don’t have a Smart TV, you can buy devices like a Google Chromecast or an Amazon Fire Stick to connect your devices right to your TV. Have fun streaming Netflix, Prime, YouTube and any other entertainment app that you choose. Also, with some apps, you can project personal photos and videos on the TV, which makes for a great slideshow during gatherings with your friends and family!


(Image Source)

I know these may seem pretty advanced, but they are generally quite simple and intuitive. And, you may be thinking that they are going to be extremely pricey, but that’s far from the case. They can even help you conserve energy, go green and save money in the grand scheme of things.


For more information on DJCRE, a top property management firm in Philadelphia, call us today by dialing (215) 720-1097. We will happily discuss ways to modernize your home and save money with tricks as simple as installing a security system!

3 Places in Your House to Serve Thanksgiving Dinner

Tis the season to be thankful. The fact alone that you are reading this is miraculous. No, we aren’t inferring about your literacy level. We are referring to the fact that you are sitting on a device that is sending invisible signals through the sky that is allowing you to navigate unless information streams in a matter of seconds.

Be thankful that you are living through the most technologically advanced era in history. Yeah, dinosaurs would have been cool and all, but face it – a raptor would not be nearly as friendly as your potty-trained poodle.

Be thankful for indoor plumbing. Be thankful for Netflix. Be thankful that you have people who care about you. Be thankful that you found DJCRE, a Philly property management company you can trust. We are professional realtors who care about making you happy by connecting you with homes, tenants, and landlords.


Oh, and TURKEY. Yeah… be thankful for turkey (or tofurkey if you’re vegetarian).


Anyway, since it is almost time for Thanksgiving, we’ve decided to put together a list of three places within your home that can host your big feast.


  • The Kitchen or Dining Room – How creative of us, right? Well, the kitchen may not be suitable for all families, but it definitely works for small ones.

    PRO – The whole family can sit together and take in the scent of a freshly cooked meal.
    PRO – The kids are closer to the dishwasher, so it is easier to talk them into helping with cleanup.
    CON – It may get congested and crowded depending on the size of your kitchen.


  • The Basement – If you have a furnished basement, this may be a great time to put it to use (even if you just use it for the children’s table). The basement is a good place because it likely has entertainment nearby to keep the younger family members busy after they gorge on some mashed potatoes and stuffing. Enjoy some time watching football, playing pool, or doing whatever you normally do on Thanksgiving! 
  • Patio or Deck – We realize it’s November, and it is gonna be a little chilly. If you have enclosed patio, that is great. If you do not, you can rent a space heater and a tent (or borrow one from friends) and set up a nice picnic out back. Make memories and toughen up the grandkids by having an outback feast this year.


We hope this was helpful. If you need assistance with anything else this holiday season, don’t be a stranger. We are here for you. To learn more about what makes us a top property management company in Philadelphia, visit today.

3 Ways to Tell If Your House is Haunted

Halloween is around the corner, and while most people are planning their costumes and decorations, some people are trying to find the right home. Similar to Halloween, that can be scary.

There are so many factors to take into consideration:



  • What kind of area do I want to be in?
      • Metropolitan, Suburban, Rural


  • In what part of that region do I want to be?
      • North, South, East, West, Central


  • What kind of homestead is best for my situation?
      • Single Home, Ranch, Apartment, Condo


  • What do I want to be near?
    • Public Transportation, Fine Dining, Live Shows, Nightlife


And, that’s not even the half of it. (I told you that it can be a relatively frightening task.) You may be thinking to yourself, “Is this blog post a trick or treat?” That’s a good question. Read on, and see for yourself:



[Image Source]


Anyway, let’s get right down to it. Although all of the above items are important when choosing your new home, the most important thing is to make sure the property is safe from weather, crime and ghouls. Yes, ghouls. It’s almost Halloween, so we’ve decided to give you three ways to know if your future house is haunted (take this blog at face value – it’s purely for entertainment).



  • Unidentifiable sounds throughout the night. This includes creaky floorboards, unexplainable wind gusts, door knocking and guttural grunts that permeate across the house. If you are experiencing these on a regular basis, you may want to consider calling one of those reality shows (i.e. Ghost Hunters) so you can make a few dollars out of the deal.
  • You actually meet a ghost. Are all ghosts invisible? Maybe. Are ghosts even real? Who knows. But one surefire way to know if your place is possessed is if you visibly see the culprit. Don’t worry, most of them are relatively friendly (Casper-esque) and are just looking for a couch to crash on until they find work.
  • You didn’t buy it from DJCRE rentals. We always ghost-proof our rentals to ensure no pesky spirits disturb your sleep cycle. Just kidding, but we do thoroughly clean and prepare all of our spaces to make sure they are in tip-top shape. We make sure the homes are dust and allergen-free, so you don’t have to spend any of the money you save on Claritin and DayQuil.


DJCRE prides ourself on standing apart from other Philly property management companies by getting to know our customers. Once we understand your preferences, we work within your budget to find something nice, clean, affordable and ghost-free. For more information on DJRE, your new favorite rental property management company in Philadelphia, call 215-720-1097 today.

3 Reasons Why the South Philly Housing Market is Improving

If you’ve visited Philadelphia recently, you’ve probably noticed the influx of new businesses, condos and homes. From Fishtown to South Philly, the entire city is rapidly rising in popularity and people are flocking from all over to become a part of the community.

The southern region of the City of Brotherly Love is known for having great food, diverse nightlife and a welcoming culture. With so many new restaurants, high-rises and outdoor family venues, it’s no surprise that the value of homes across the region is increasing. We are thrilled to be on the front lines of helping families and businesses move into their new abodes. We have been a property management company in South Philly for years, and we know the area like the backs of our hands.


Here are three reasons why South Philly is the place to be:

  • Authentic Cuisine – Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way: Pat’s & Geno’s, two cheesesteak powerhouses that service thousands of global tourists every month. South Philly is also home to one of the best Italian markets in the Tri-State area. Fresh, affordable, delicious food can be found on virtually every block.


(Image Source)


  • Unique Nightlife – Whether you are looking for somewhere quaint and quiet or a place to unveil your latest dance moves, South Philly has something for you. Some popular spots include South Bowl, Garage, 12 Steps Down, South Philly Tap Room, Fountain Porter and the Dolphin Tavern. 
  • Prime Location – South Philly is known for friendly, helpful neighbors. Plus, it’s walking distance from many of the bars and restaurants previously mentioned, as well as public transportation. Many parts of the area are walking distance from the sports stadiums, which also host huge events such as concerts (i.e. Billy Joel) and comedy (i.e. Amy Schumer). Parking is much easier to find in South Philadelphia than most other central areas of the city, and mortgages and rent are still (for now) a lot more affordable, too!


Not too long ago it was Northern Liberties and Fishtown that everybody was buzzing about, and now it’s South Philly’s turn to take the Philadelphia housing market by storm. We’ve been helping to build this area since the start and take pride in watching it flourish. Although we are known as a top property management and rental company in Philadelphia, we also help with insurance and buyer representation.

If you have any ideas for places we should add to our next list, let us know!

Fred Musilli: 215-915-8888 /

5 Remarkable Philadelphia Properties for Under $1,800/Month

Philadelphia is undergoing tremendous renovations. All kinds of magnificent homes and businesses are popping up across town. With so much culture everywhere, there’s no wrong answer to “Which part of the city is your favorite?” In this blog, we will explore five gems that would be be a great place to get a fresh start in the City of Brotherly Love.


2539 S. 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145

This glorious South Philadelphia home is perfect for new families and recent college graduates. It has 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, a finished basement, and a modern kitchen awaiting some home-cooking! Cats and small dogs are welcome. The property is available now and includes a washer/dryer, central air, and even a wet bar! The monthly rent is $1,695.


6030 Delancey Street, Philadelphia PA 19143

Another 3-bedroom home with modernized features (check out the hardwood floors!) This spot is only $950 per month and is in close proximity to Market Street, shopping centers, and public transportation. The property is 1,464 square feet.


1841 E Passyunk Avenue – 2nd & 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19148

This bi-level apartment has an incredible view that overlooks East Passyunk Avenue.  WHAT A LOCATION! The home comes equipped with a state-of-the-art kitchen (granite countertops, wood floors, and honey maple cabinets).This 2-bed, 2-bath abode is only $1,795 per month and is small pet-friendly.


1545 W Passyunk Avenue – 2nd & 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19145

Located right in the heart of South Philly, this 3-bedroom home is only a short walk or bike ride away from anything you need! This bi-level unit is $1,795 per month and is clean and ready for move in today. The home is 1,200 square feet and has 1.5 baths. Properties like this gem are the reason we have become a go-to property management company in South Philly!


1410-14 Mckean Street – 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19145

Located right at the corner of Broad and Passyunk, this luxury apartment space is central to everything! For under $1,800/month you’ll find yourself in a new construction with an open floor plan. Digital doorbell, optional parking, and an amazing kitchen with a full appliance package. Plus, it’s located right above a Philadelphia Pretzel Factory! It just doesn’t get more Philly than this!


If you need help finding a rental or a South Philly property management company, look no further. DJCRE is full-service, meaning we do insurance, management, real estate, and credit services.


Telephone – (215) 720-1097

Monday-Friday: 9:30 AM-5:30 PM

Saturday: 9:30 AM-1:00 PM

How To Find The Right Property Management Company

Your home is your life (besides family, friends work, and outings). Deciding where to live is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. If affects your daily commute. It affects your activity options. It affects the teams you’ll root for, people you’ll hang out with, and the memories you’ll make. It’s a BIG decision. Finding the right place is a difficult task. Tons of factors go into making a choice you won’t regret. That’s why there are property management companies that specialize in customizing recommendations based on your preferences.

DJCRE always puts the client first. That’s why we’re writing this free tutorial including quick tips to find the right property management company for you.

Here goes:


  • Do your homework – Research, research, research. It’s imperative to find a trustworthy, reputable company [like us] when making a move. Ask for references. Review testimonials. Professionalism is key. You want somebody who cares and who will respond quickly. This sets the tone and gets the relationship started on the right foot.


  • Browse the website – A company’s website is an important first impression. Make sure it’s informative, legible, and modern (check on your smartphone to make sure it’s mobile-friendly… if they are current with their technology, you can expect a company that keeps up with the times like DJCRE!)

    Also, make sure they have an online portal associated with their online platform. Setting up online payments and work orders makes life super easy and will help keep you current with bills and updated on maintenance service calls. BONUS – Look for the lock icon in the address bar to make sure their server system is secure and encrypted (like ours – we use AppFolio’s online application.)

  • Meet them – Texts, emails, and phone calls are great communication tools, but an in-person encounter can quickly give you a good impression on what time of person/firm you are dealing with. Personally, DJCRE prides ourself on being friendly, patient, and down to earth. We are honest, transparent, and our pricing is straightforward.

    Always go to a few showings before settling on your final decision. Make sure the property is as advertising and the amenities are in working condition. Take a walk around the neighborhood to get a feel for your potential surroundings. Make sure you’re a good fit. Make sure there’s adequate parking, a nearby food store, and other places you may need (i.e. gas stations, public transit, gyms, dog parks, etc.)

All of these things come standard when utilizing a reliable property management firm like DJCRE. If you’d like more information on our offerings, visit or call 215-720-1097 today!

Our Service Area:

  • Center City Philadelphia
  • South Philadelphia
  • South West Philadelphia
  • Art Museum Area
  • Fishtown
  • West Philadelphia
  • Northern Liberties
  • University City
  • Temple University
  • Manayunk
  • Northeast Philadelphia
  • and many other communities in the Philly area!

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