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How to Stage the Two Rooms That Sell Your Home

Do you know what property hunters really look for when it comes time to decide which homes to buy and which homes to pass on? Property sales in South Philly can be a mysterious code to crack, but our experts at DJCRE Property Management know that two rooms of the home that buyers look most closely at while weighing the decision to invest are the kitchen and the master bathroom.


3 Mistakes That Many Beginner Landlords Make

If you’ve recently purchased a rental property, congratulations! You’re past wondering “Who will rent my home in South Philly?” and are excited and anxious to find the right tenants to fill your property. However, many first-time landlords underestimate just how complicated managing a rental property can be, which can lead them to unknowingly doing something illegal.

If you are acting as a new landlord, make sure you are not making any of these costly mistakes that are against the law.


  • Asking discriminatory application questions. Everyone wants to find the best and most responsible tenants to fill their units, but your search for the right tenants cannot include any questions that would help you to avoid renting to a person under a protected class. Under the Fair Housing Act, you may not ask any questions on a rental application that suggest that you want to discriminate against anyone due to their race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability and familial status.


  • Ignoring right to privacy laws. Many new landlords believe that, because they own the rental property, they have the right to enter whenever they want or to “drop by” to check up on the property. However, right to privacy laws have established that landlords must give tenants at least a 24-hour written or verbal notice before entering a property. The only exception to this law is in the event of an immediate emergency, in which case no warning is needed.


  • Keeping security deposits. Most landlords require that tenants put down a security deposit when they move into the property that is equal to one month’s rent. Security deposits are an excellent way for landlords to protect themselves against careless tenants who damage their property. However, some landlords do not understand that they must return the money to the tenant after vacating if no damage is found. Even if there is damage to the property, the landlord must provide an itemized list of deductions to the tenant, so they understand where their money is going.


Making an illegal housing mistake, even if by accident, can land you in serious hot water. Let the experts of DJCRE manage your property so you can avoid trouble with the law or expensive lawsuits!

If you are wondering “Who will rent my home near Graduate Hospital?” or have questions about property management, you can give our team a call today at 215-720-1097 to learn more.

5 Tips to Survive Having Housemates in College

If you are a college student, you know that roommates are a big part of your life. If you can’t get along with them, your time in college will be rife with arguments and stress instead of fun and memories.


Our leading Philly property management experts at DJCRE Property Management have compiled these five tips for making living with housemates more bearable!


  • Remember that you don’t have to be BFFs. There is a pervasive pressure in our culture that romanticizes the idea that your college roommate will become your lifelong best friend and he or she is destined to play a major role in your wedding. Unfortunately, the truth is that the people you live with aren’t movie or TV show characters; they’re just normal people. If you and your housemates just aren’t clicking, know that you don’t need to be best friends; you simply need to respect one another’s spaces.


  • Plan a cleaning schedule. No one person in your house is responsible for 100% of the housekeeping. Establish a cleaning schedule for common areas in your home like the bathrooms, kitchen and living room so no one feels like they’re being treated like a maid.


  • Set rules about what can and cannot be shared. Some housemates will be fine with sharing things like clothing and food; others will want you to stay away from even borrowing their dishes. Set clear rules about what can and cannot be shared, and always remember to ask before taking anything.


  • Be courteous to guests. If you have guests coming over, tell your housemates ahead of time, and remember to encourage them to avoid overstaying their welcome. If you are courteous to your guests, your housemates will be more likely to be courteous with theirs!


  • Communicate directly. No one enjoys getting a passive-aggressive sticky note asking them to clean their dishes. If your housemate does something that upsets or annoys you, be brave and speak to them directly. Just like you, the people you live with want to get along; being direct will make the process easier.


Are you still looking for a place to rent? Give our team at DJCRE Property Management, the leaders of local property management in Philadelphia, a call today at 215-720-1097 to get started finding your perfect property.

3 Things a Property Management Company Can Do for Rental Home Owners

Hiring the right property management company can mean the difference between a properly managed home that increases in value and a stress-filled life of constantly chasing rent checks. Our experts at DJCRE Property Management can help owners who are wondering “Who will rent my home near Graduate Hospital?”

If you have a home to rent out in Philadelphia, but don’t have the experience necessary to manage the ins and outs of being a landlord, working with a property management company can be the key to unlocking the potential of your property.

Read on to learn the top three things that a property management company can help rental property owners with to maximize their profits.


  • Finding better tenants. When it comes to renting out your property, the make-or-break factor will be the tenets living in the home. Property management companies have seen thousands of applications, so they know how to separate the facts from fiction. This means your property will be filled with more responsible tenets who will put less stress on the home.


  • Collecting rent faster. Many property management companies know how to enforce the rules that tenants may try to weasel out of when dealing directly with a property owner. If you allow your tenants to walk all over you and continuously pay rent late, they will. On the other hand, a property management company knows how to enforce the rules without running the risk of a vacancy.


  • Lowering your stress. When you choose to work with a property management company, you won’t have to worry about harassing phone calls or emergencies in the middle of the night. The company will deal with everything from rental scams to evicting a tenant who won’t pay their rent to handling a tenant who thinks that they can wreck your property. This will leave you with lower stress and often more money in your pocket.


If you are a property owner who would like to learn more about the benefits of working with a property manager in Philadelphia, give our team at DJCRE Property Management a call today at 215-720-1097.


3 Ways to Find the Right Tenants for Your Property

If you have a home in Philadelphia that you’re interested in renting out, one of the first things on the top of your mind is finding the right tenants to live on your property. After all, your home is precious to you; you don’t want to rent it out to just anyone!

Here are three tips to find the right tenants for your property.

  • Make sure you’re following the Fair Housing Act. Your search to find the right tenant does not allow you to go against the Fair Housing Act. Under the Fair Housing Act, you are not allowed to discriminate based on protected classes like race, gender, nation of origin, religion and familial status (families with children). Many states may also have their own protected classes. Make sure you research your local laws to make sure you are working legally.
  • Call a previous landlord. You are allowed to ask for references when a tenant applies to rent your home. You should try to talk to at least two of your potential tenant’s former landlords and ask about what kind of renter they were. Did they pay their bills on time? How clean did they leave the home? Asking these types of questions can help you avoid renting to a problem tenant.
  • Look for consistency. On the tenant’s application, look for their history of employment and housing. If they’re the type of person who moves often or changes jobs frequently, this pattern will likely continue in your home. Beware!

If you’re sick of running all over town and wondering, “Who will rent my home in South Philly?” let our team at DJCRE Property Management do the work for you! Hiring a property manager in Philadelphia can help to find the right tenants for your property, giving you peace of mind.

If you’d like to learn more about property management, browse our website or give us a call at 215-720-1097.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Home with Pets

Finding a new place to call home can be a bit of a challenge if you’re searching for yourself and a furry companion. Even if your dog or cat is the best behaved in the world, you will likely face a number of restrictions that may make it frustrating to find the home that’s right for you.

Here are three things to keep in mind when you’re looking for a new place to live that can accommodate both you and your four-legged friend.

  • Rentals can have a large number of limitations, even if they are pet-friendly. So you’ve just visited an amazing apartment that’s right in your price range, and hallelujah! The rental states that the unit is pet-friendly. Before you drop everything and move in, know that even rentals that are listed as pet-friendly may have limitations, which can range from the type of animals allowed (for example, only cats) to the size of animals that may be permitted (small dogs are commonly allowed, while larger dogs are banned). Speaking directly with your potential property manager in Philadelphia is essential, as every landlord can have their definition of pet-friendly.
  • Consider how much space your animal needs. Part of being a responsible pet owner is considering the needs of your animal before choosing where you two will live. While many cats will be perfectly content in a one-bedroom apartment, you may have to consider property sales in South Philly instead of rentals for medium to large dogs, which require space to run and play.
  • Documentation can help persuade a new landlord. If you want to convince a landlord that your pet won’t cause trouble in a new apartment, you must think like a landlord. Pets are a liability because, should they bite another tenant or cause damage to furniture, they can be a financial burden on the landlord. Preparing documentation from obedience school and getting copies of vaccination records can potentially alleviate some of your new landlord’s concerns and make finding an apartment easier.

When it comes to finding an apartment or home for you and your pet, you should always remember that your companion relies on your to think about his or her needs. If you cannot find a place that suits the two of you, working with a local animal care group or shelter can be the best option to ensure that your pet has a comfortable life.

For more helpful information, contact our friendly team at DJCRE Property Management today!

3 Ways to Tell a Neighborhood is Family-Friendly

If you’re searching for a place to start a family, you probably have a lot on your mind, including schools, medical care and safety. Property sales in South Philly and other parts of the city have begun to boom with families new and old, and more and more families from the tri-state area are taking advantage of Philadelphia’s hidden gems for families.

While you’re searching for your next family home, take our tips to help make sure that the area your new potential home is in is safe and great for kids before making a down payment.

  • Homes are hard to come by. The number of homes available in any given neighborhood is usually a good indication of how safe the area is. As areas become safer and more primed for families to move in, homes begin to get snatched up. For example, property sales in Graduate Hospital have increased as more and more couples with children move in. Take a look at the area around where your potential new home is located.
  • Forestry is abounding. Areas that cater to families take special care to give them the facilities that are important to couples with children. Think parks, nature preserves and forests. Check the map in the surrounding areas, and check out the conditions of the homes near the forestry if there is any. This can be a good indicator of the family-friendliness of the area.
  • The neighbors are friendly. The best way to learn more about a new neighborhood? Ask the people already living in it! Don’t be afraid to strike up conversation with people you see around. They will have valuable and honest information about homeowners, and they might end up being your new neighbors!.

If you need assistance finding the next property that’s perfect for you and your family, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Call our team at DJCRE Property Management today to speak to our experts, and get on track to finding your new property!

3 Things to Consider When Moving Into Your First Apartment

Moving into your first apartment is a big step and one that deserves celebrating! Whether you’re moving away from home to go to college or you’re making the transition from college to your first job, there are a lot of considerations that you’ll need to make when choosing your first place.

As one of the top providers of real estate property management in Old City, DJCRE Property Management has you covered. We’ll help you choose the perfect first apartment, no matter which part of the city you’re interested in. Here are three things to think about when you’re deciding on your first apartment.

  • Location, location, location. When considering the location of your first apartment, think about more than just the bars and restaurants that are in the area. If you drive, consider what parking is available near the accommodation. While some apartments may offer a garage, many only have street parking available, which can mean that you might have to walk a few blocks daily to get to and from your car. If you take public transportation, ask your Philly property management company what bus, train or subway routes are closest to the apartment.
  • Rent price. If you’re right out of college or high school, the price of rent is probably on the top of your list of concerns already. However, take into consideration that you will still be required to pay your rent should a serious financial emergency happen, like an unexpected medical bill or a lost job. Think about how much you have in your savings, and consider renting in an area in which you can afford to hold one to three months rent in your savings account before committing to a place.
  • Pet policies. If you have a pet, do not assume that they can automatically come along with you to your new home. Many apartments have strict policies against larger dogs and exotic animals, which can leave you without a home should you get caught breaking the rules. Speak with the apartment owner beforehand to learn the building’s specific pet policy.

If you need help finding a new property or are seeking helpful information, contact our professionals at DJCRE Property Management today!

The Best Restaurants Worth Trying in Old City

Are you looking for a historical and delicious neighborhood to explore? Now is the best time to head down to Old City, Philadelphia, a foodie’s dream! As one of the top rental property management companies in Philadelphia, DJCRE knows where all the neighborhood favorites are that are worth giving a try.


Whether you’re planning a simple day trip to check out this historic neighborhood or you’re spending more than a day in this fascinating corner of the city, consider these amazing lunch and dinner options that are just a hop, skip, and jump away!



Although this local favorite is closing for renovations in August, you’ll want to be the first one in the door when this new American fare spot reopens in September. Offering BYOB, and a romantic atmosphere, Chloe serves up a seasonal menu that uses Pennsylvania’s freshest ingredients.



In the mood for tapas? There’s no better place to try out this bite-sized Spanish specialty than at Amada. Old City locals also rave about this restaurant’s homemade, sweet Sangria you surely won’t find anywhere else! If you can’t decide what to order, many recommend going with the tasting menu, which allows you to try a number of chef’s special tapas, including a few secret off-the-menu favorites.


La Locanda Del Ghiottone

A hidden favorite serving Italian fare, this small but comfortable spot serves up both lunch and dinner. The restaurant offers BYOB service, and many locals love the lobster ravioli and salmon curry risotto. However, seating is limited in this hole-in-the-wall gem, so be sure to call ahead for a reservation!



Offering some of the best Middle Eastern food in Philadelphia, Zahav has won over the hearts of every Old City resident with their velvety smooth hummus and mouth watering roasted lamb. For dessert, don’t miss out on the honey cake bread pudding, another fan favorite at Zahav!


If you’re interested in buying, selling, or insuring property in Old City give our condo property management company a call today, we do it all!



3 Reasons Why the South Philadelphia Housing Market Continues to Grow

Anyone who has lived in Philadelphia long enough knows that the housing market has made a complete 180 in just a few short years; once abandon and practically deserted in some areas, the city is now vibrant and full of life, with home values on the rise every day.


One of the areas of the city that has seen the highest growth is South Philadelphia. This part of the city has shown as astronomical eight percent rise in home value over a little less than one short year, causing homeowners to jump towards their nearest rental property management company in Philadelphia. But what has caused this massive and speedy growth? Read on to learn about why South Philadelphia is expected to continue to grow even further!


  • It’s got just the right amount of access. New grads and empty-nesters are finding themselves flocking to South Philadelphia thanks to its ease of access via public transportation to more nightlife-centric and expensive areas of the city. South Philadelphia provides easy access to Rittenhouse Square for the best of eating out and is less expensive. Plus, the area wins points with the college crowd for its easy access to University City.


  • New Yorkers are heading south. The Big Apple is feeling the Brotherly Love! Housing data consistently shows that New Yorkers are moving out of the city in order to pursue a more affordable lifestyle in South Philadelphia. This is especially common with younger couples who have started to have families and want to be able to provide more space to their children, according to companies providing condo property management in Old City.


  • Young professional have made the area trendy. One of the reasons why so many people want to move to South Philadelphia is because young professionals historically moving in have made the area particularly trendy with a number of unique restaurants, markets and coffee shops popping up all over the area!


If you wish to learn more about why the South Philadelphia market is hot, contact our helpful team here at DJCRE Property Management today!

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