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How to Stage the Two Rooms That Sell Your Home

Do you know what property hunters really look for when it comes time to decide which homes to buy and which homes to pass on? Property sales in South Philly can be a mysterious code to crack, but our experts at DJCRE Property Management know that two rooms of the home that buyers look most closely at while weighing the decision to invest are the kitchen and the master bathroom.

If your kitchen and master bath are looking worn or outdated, chances are that you’ll fetch a lower price than you would if you spent a week cleaning and sprucing up these areas. Getting your home ready for a sale doesn’t have to be a massive investment of time and money. Read on to learn a few of the best and most affordable ways to straighten up these two property value hotspots.


  • In the kitchen. You don’t need to invest in a total rehab to brighten up your kitchen. A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for the appeal of the room. Surveys from Zillow have found that yellow walls in the kitchen translate to a bigger paycheck for owners. A low-budget paint touch-up can be useful for worn wooden cabinets as well. However, experts agree that the best way to spend your time in the kitchen is clearing the clutter. Hiding the bulky toaster and coffee maker can help give the illusion of larger counter space.


  • In the master bath. The bathroom is the most important place to thoroughly clean before showing your home; no one wants to buy a home with a moldy bathroom or one with clogged drains! A quick update of faucets and towel racks can be completed in a few hours and does wonders for the overall appeal of the room. Replace fluorescent lights with softer lighting for an instant upgrade, and don’t forget the matching towel sets!


If you’d like to learn more about how to get your property ready for a spring sale or if you are interested in learning about Philly property management services, give our team at DJCRE Property Management a call today at 215-720-1097!



Posted by: djcrepropertymanagement on May 1, 2018
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