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4 Ways to Smarten Up Your Home

*Knock Knock*

You: “Who’s there?”

The future: “I am.”


We live in an incredible time. People can rent their homes out, pay their bills and even get help buying houses right from a computer (all features that apply to DJCRE Property Management) offers.) That’s just the tip of the iceberg – Home automation is here, and for many, it is well worth the investment. Embrace the future today by installing these four smart features inside your home:


  • Security System – Did you know that if you are a homeowner, a security system can help reduce homeowners insurance? That’s because a security system is a great way to protect your family, your home and everything that you own. Modern systems allow remote access and control from across the world.

    Have you ever wondered if you remembered to set the alarm or lock the door after leaving your house or apartment? Today’s security systems allow you to arm and disarm your system from work, appointments, or wherever you go. Plus, you can even set up cameras if you want to stream live video to make sure the babysitter or dog walker shows up on time!

    If you are a property manager in Philadelphia and want to present value to your clients, it could be a good idea to discuss installing security measures with them. Current security systems are not hardwired, and they do not cause irreparable damages — like the systems from a decade ago did.
  • Lighting – For many senior citizens or people with physical limitations, downloading an app to go along with your new lighting system can save the day. Imagine if you could adjust your house’s lights by simply opening a program on a phone, tablet, or computer. These allow you to turn on/off lights, dim/brighten lights and even change their color to match whatever festive party you are throwing.
  • Temperature – With apps like “Nest,” you can set up separate zones in your home and control the temperature of each separately. For example, you can save money by turning down the heat in the winter downstairs in the middle of the night while keeping your second-floor bedrooms set at something cozier. This can all be controlled from your phone, which is ideal if you want to turn the heat off during the day and then heat the home out during your commute back home after work.
  • EntertainmentMore and more TVs are “smartening up” by coming with internet connectivity. Even if you don’t have a Smart TV, you can buy devices like a Google Chromecast or an Amazon Fire Stick to connect your devices right to your TV. Have fun streaming Netflix, Prime, YouTube and any other entertainment app that you choose. Also, with some apps, you can project personal photos and videos on the TV, which makes for a great slideshow during gatherings with your friends and family!


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I know these may seem pretty advanced, but they are generally quite simple and intuitive. And, you may be thinking that they are going to be extremely pricey, but that’s far from the case. They can even help you conserve energy, go green and save money in the grand scheme of things.


For more information on DJCRE, a top property management firm in Philadelphia, call us today by dialing (215) 720-1097. We will happily discuss ways to modernize your home and save money with tricks as simple as installing a security system!

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