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3 Reasons Why the South Philly Housing Market is Improving

If you’ve visited Philadelphia recently, you’ve probably noticed the influx of new businesses, condos and homes. From Fishtown to South Philly, the entire city is rapidly rising in popularity and people are flocking from all over to become a part of the community.

The southern region of the City of Brotherly Love is known for having great food, diverse nightlife and a welcoming culture. With so many new restaurants, high-rises and outdoor family venues, it’s no surprise that the value of homes across the region is increasing. We are thrilled to be on the front lines of helping families and businesses move into their new abodes. We have been a property management company in South Philly for years, and we know the area like the backs of our hands.


Here are three reasons why South Philly is the place to be:

  • Authentic Cuisine – Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way: Pat’s & Geno’s, two cheesesteak powerhouses that service thousands of global tourists every month. South Philly is also home to one of the best Italian markets in the Tri-State area. Fresh, affordable, delicious food can be found on virtually every block.


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  • Unique Nightlife – Whether you are looking for somewhere quaint and quiet or a place to unveil your latest dance moves, South Philly has something for you. Some popular spots include South Bowl, Garage, 12 Steps Down, South Philly Tap Room, Fountain Porter and the Dolphin Tavern. 
  • Prime Location – South Philly is known for friendly, helpful neighbors. Plus, it’s walking distance from many of the bars and restaurants previously mentioned, as well as public transportation. Many parts of the area are walking distance from the sports stadiums, which also host huge events such as concerts (i.e. Billy Joel) and comedy (i.e. Amy Schumer). Parking is much easier to find in South Philadelphia than most other central areas of the city, and mortgages and rent are still (for now) a lot more affordable, too!


Not too long ago it was Northern Liberties and Fishtown that everybody was buzzing about, and now it’s South Philly’s turn to take the Philadelphia housing market by storm. We’ve been helping to build this area since the start and take pride in watching it flourish. Although we are known as a top property management and rental company in Philadelphia, we also help with insurance and buyer representation.

If you have any ideas for places we should add to our next list, let us know!

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Posted by: djcrepropertymanagement on September 25, 2016
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